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Create contacts

Cards (or contacts as you may call it) can be created for the individuals and businesses you deal with. They can be for customers, suppliers or employees. Go to the Cards List window to see the full list of cards set up for your business. 

If your company file is online, and you have a compatible Android or iOS device, you can also use the MYOB Invoices mobile app to create and manage your contacts straight from your smartphone.

Already have your contacts in a different program? Import them into AccountRight by using an import template.

Card Information window

Illustration showing various methods of keeping in touch

Keep in touch

The way you keep in touch with your contacts says a lot about your business. Add a personal touch or a professional one, the choice is yours.

You can set up letter templates  that contain the text you want, and insert data fields that automatically fill in the details you need for your contact.

If you need to send something by post, use mailing labels for that professional touch.

Use the contact log to keep track of phone calls and any other type of correspondence . When a customer or supplier calls, you can use the contact log to retrieve a complete history of your business relationship with them.

Send an email to a contact straight from AccountRight, or if you’re out and about, do it straight from your smartphone, using the MYOB Invoices app. You can even use the app to navigate to a contact’s address.

Sort and review contacts

The Cards List has lots of options for searching and filtering your contacts. Finding a specific customer or supplier has never been easier.

You can also filter your contacts when running reports, or identify contacts that have particular attributes. This also makes it easier to send a batch of personalised letters, statements and so on.

Set up and assign identifiers to your contacts to help you filter reports and lists.

Set up custom lists to take your sorting capabilities even further.

Set up custom fields and label them according to your needs. Very handy if you want to track things like customer birthdays or employee anniversary dates.

You can even add pictures to your contacts if you want. Also, stay on top of your contact list by Reviewing your contact information.

Card Information window with customisation fields

Synchronise Cards window

Sync contacts

Sync your AccountRight cards with your Microsoft Outlook contacts.

You can either:

If you want to get into the details about what’s being synced, check out our Outlook sync mapping reference.