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Custom fields can be used to record additional information about your items that isn't covered by the default fields in AccountRight. This might include fields like Warranty, ID No. and Manufacturer.

If you like, you can also add your custom item fields to your personalised forms. However, unlike custom lists, custom fields cannot be used to filter inventory reports.

You can create up to three custom fields.


To name a custom item field

To name a custom item field

  1. Go to the Lists menu and choose Custom Lists & Field Names and then Items. The Custom List and Field Names window appears.
  2. In the Name of Custom Field fields, type the field names and click OK.
    Custom field list with field names entered
    These field names will appear on the Item Details tab of the Item Information window for all items, and you can enter the relevant details in these fields.
    Item information window with custom fields shown

Add your custom item fields to your Inventory reports by adding them as columns. Learn more about adding and removing report columns.