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Sometimes things don't go to plan and you need some help.

Let's start here

  • Turn on AccountRight's field help so you can hover your mouse over buttons and fields and see a short description.
  • If you're experiencing a specific error, use the search box on this page to find a solution.
  • We've got guides to help you with installation issues or online file issues, if you need them.
  • For details on making AccountRight run at its best, see our speed and performance tips.

Need some help?

Call support

Contact numbers for support:

  • Australia 1300 555 123.
  • New Zealand 0508 328 283.
Live Chat

You can start a Live Chat session from the Contact Us page of the MYOB website (look for the Live Chat button on the edge of the page).

Can't see the Live Chat button? If you're using an ad blocker on your web browser, this might be stopping the Live Chat button appearing. Otherwise it probably means our support team are swamped and can't start any new chats. Try again later, or call us.

Community forum

View topics and discuss your questions with other AccountRight users. Join the discussion

Have an idea for an AccountRight feature? Suggest it on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

MYOB Partners

MYOB Partners are independent consultants whose knowledge, skill and experience are endorsed by MYOB. They can assist with installing, setting up and using your software.

Find an MYOB Partner in Australia or New Zealand.

User guide

The User Guide PDF details the features, functions and capabilities of your AccountRight software. It’s designed to be used when you can’t access this online Help Centre.

You can access the User Guide from the MYOB folder in your Windows Start menu.

Windows Start menu with AccountRight user guides highlighted

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