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A common question we get asked is: how many company files can I put online?

  • An AccountRight subscription enables AccountRight Standard and Plus users to put one file online.
  • AccountRight Premier subscribers can move two files online. 

To buy additional company files or add online services to another company file, please contact us

You can also upgrade additional files without putting them online for free–but you won't have access to online services for those files. 

Upgrade costs

If you have an AccountRight subscription for the file you want to upgrade, you can upgrade for free. You're entitled to upgrade to the latest version for no extra cost.

If you don't have a subscription, visit the MYOB website (Australia  |  New Zealand).

Upgrading to a different product level

You can upgrade to a higher product level (for example, from AccountRight Standard to AccountRight Plus, or AccountRight Plus to AccountRight Premier).

This does involve additional cost—please contact us for more information.

However, you can explore different product levels for free—see Change which AccountRight product you use.