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You can take data entered in your company file and use it in other software or in other company files. This process is called exporting data. You can also take data entered in other software programs and incorporate it into your company file, or incorporate information from one company file into another company file. This process is called importing data.

What can be imported and exported?

The following table lists the record types that you can import and export, along with the field specifications for the different types of records.

Need to import/export customised forms? See Sharing forms with other company files.


Record typesField specificationsNotes



Accounts list


ActivitiesPlus, Premier only

Activity slips

Activity slipsPlus, Premier only


Customer cards

Supplier cards

Employee cards

Personal cards


Contact logs

Contact logs 
Custom listsCustom lists 
General journal entries

General journalsIncluding Tax/GST information and BAS/GST reporting
Inventory adjustmentsInventory adjustmentsNot Basics
Pay billsPay bills

Can only be imported 

Not Basics


Service purchasesNot Basics

Item purchases
Professional purchases
Miscellaneous purchases
Receive paymentsReceive paymentsCan only be imported
Receive moneyReceive money 
SalesService sales 
Item sales 
Professional sales 
Time billing sales 
Miscellaneous sales 
Spend moneySpend money  
Tax/GST code listTax/GST code list 

TimesheetsPlus and Premier, AU only
Transaction journal entriesTransaction journals

Excluding Tax/GST information and BAS/GST reporting.

  Import/export FAQs

How do I import or export data?

How do I import or export data?

When you're ready to go, see the Importing data or Exporting data topics.

How do I import from RetailManager?

How do I import from RetailManager?

We've put together the Accounting Integration Guide to step you through integrating MYOB RetailManager and MYOB accounting software.

The Guide includes:

  • required setup
  • the integration process
  • troubleshooting integration issues.
What is the required import file format?

What is the required import file format?

AccountRight can import comma separated or tab delimited text files (.txt). The best way to ensure an import file is in the right format, create an import template.

You can create an import template by exporting data from AccountRight's sample company file. For example, to create an import template for sales data, simply export sales data from AccountRight's sample company file. The export file becomes your template. All you need to do is open the export file and replace the contents with your data, ready for importing.

For more details, see Using an import template.

How do I troubleshoot an import issue?

How do I troubleshoot an import issue?

If you're getting errors or warnings when importing, check the import log.