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Known issue in AccountRight 2022.1 - resolved in 2022.2

There was an issue in 2022.1 where in certain situations, some sales didn't show a Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) component.

This issue has been fixed in 2022.2 so the below workaround is not required. How do I get the latest AccountRight version?

This issue only happens when:

  1. You're using AccountRight 2022.1

  2. You've entered initial quantity on hand for an item into AccountRight as an inventory adjustment. This means you didn't enter the initial quantity via an item purchase, which also means:

    • the average cost is $0

    • the last purchase price is $0

    • the standard cost is $0

  3. You then sold all stock on hand for this item bringing the quantity on hand to 0
  4. You then edited and re-recorded the sale, which overrode the actual COGS for that sale and replaced it with 0.

How do I know if I'm affected by this?

If you've performed the above steps, you'll notice there are no lines for COGS when recapping an edited sale (with the sale open, go to the Edit menu > Recap Transaction).

You'll also notice when running reports:

  • incorrect reporting on inventory margins, for example in the Analyse Sales (Item) report

  • an incorrect Cost Of Sales in the Profit & Loss report


Before competing this workaround, we recommend you take a backup of your company file.
  1. Enter an inventory adjustment for each affected item to add one item into stock with the correct unit cost. The unit cost will be the items average cost (Inventory > Adjust Inventory).
  2. Open and make a minor change to each affected sale, such as the Memo, and re-record the sale. This will recalculate the COGS correctly, as it will use the unit cost you specified in the inventory adjustment.
  3. Delete the inventory adjustment you created in step 1 (Inventory > Items Register > click the zoom arrow to open the adjustment > Edit menu > Delete Adjust Inventory Transaction).

    If the delete option is greyed out, you'll need to change an AccountRight preference to allow transactions to be deleted (Setup Preferences Security tab > deselect Transactions CAN'T be Changed; They Must be Reversed option).

Once you've fixed the COGS on a sale, don't edit the sale again until we've released a fix for this issue or it will re-occur.