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People undertaking jury duty are typically paid an allowance by the courts. Typically the employer pays the difference between the allowance and the employee's base pay rate for the ordinary hours they would have worked while on jury duty.

The rules and payment requirements of jury duty may vary between states and territories, so check the Fairwork website for the latest information.

How you cater for jury duty in AccountRight depends on your scenario. For example:

  • You might continue paying the employee their full pay while they are on jury duty. Then when the employee receives payment from the courts you can deduct this value from the employee's pay.
  • Alternatively, you might set up a new wage category for the employee while they are on jury duty to pay their regular pay minus the court allowance.

The MYOB community forum has some great posts on handling jury duty payments, including these:

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If your scenario isn't covered in the above posts, ask a question on the forum to get advice from an MYOB expert.