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We've said goodbye to MYOB Direct Debit

We've discontinued our MYOB Direct Debit service as of the 20 September 2022. From now on, you won't be able to set up new direct debit requests.

What does the end of MYOB Direct Debits mean for me?

You may have received an email or other notification that we'll be discontinuing the MYOB Direct Debits service.

If you have active MYOB direct debit requests, any payments scheduled from 20 September will not be processed. If you want customers to continue paying you by direct debit, you'll need to make new arrangements with another provider.

Consider recurring invoices and online invoice payments

You can set up recurring invoices and get them to record automatically. And, if you're using Online Invoice Payments, your customers have an easy way to pay you online.


Who can I talk to about the end of MYOB Direct Debits?

Who can I talk to about the end of MYOB Direct Debits?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our payments support team:
Phone: 1300 783 674