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Under the JobKeeper scheme, you must provide a monthly declaration to the ATO about your current and next month's turnover and to reconfirm your business details and your eligible employees. This is an indication of how your business is progressing under the scheme. Learn more about this monthly declaration.

You need to provide the monthly declaration to the ATO between the 1st to the 14th day of each month to receive reimbursements for the JobKeeper payments you made to your eligible employees in the previous month.

The monthly declaration is in addition to your JobKeeper payroll process that you're currently undertaking. And you'll need to continue declaring each month for the duration of the JobKeeper scheme—even if your eligibility status changes.

If needed, your MYOB Partner can help with your monthly reporting.

There's a summary report in AccountRight which contains information to help make your monthly declaration. You can then declare via the ATO's online services.


To generate the JobKeeper summary report
  1. Go to the Payroll command centre and click Payroll Reporting.
  2. Click Payroll Reporting Centre.
  3. Click the JobKeeper payments tab.

  4. Choose the Month to generate the report for.
  5. Click View JobKeeper summary Report (PDF). The report will display on a new browser tab.

  6. Save or print the report for your records.

How do I declare?

Once you've run the report, you can declare by logging in to the ATO's online services (agents only), or the Business Portal using myGovID.

Once you make your monthly declaration to the ATO, we recommend that you save the declaration acknowledgment for your records. If needed, this acknowledgment can be used as proof of your participation in the JobKeeper scheme.


What if my business is no longer eligible for JobKeeper?

What if my business is no longer eligible for JobKeeper?

If your business is no longer eligible for JobKeeper, for example you’re not eligible for the JobKeeper extension, there's nothing you need to do in AccountRight. As you'll no longer be making a monthly declaration to the ATO, you'll no longer be included in the scheme.