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AccountRight Premier 2019.2 and later

If you have multiple inventory locations you can use Move Items to transfer your inventory between them.

To record inventory movements


  1. Go to the Inventory command centre and click Move Items.
  2. Highlight the item you want to move. You can locate an item by typing the item number in the Search field.
  3. Record the quantities held at each location.

    AThe On Hand column shows the total quantity available in your inventory across all locations.
    BType the quantity held at each location. Increase the quantity for locations receiving items and reduce the quantity for locations where items are moved from.
    CThe value in the Out of Balance field must be zero before you can record the movement. That is, the amount in the On Hand column for the item must be equal to the sum of the amounts in your location columns.


Can you delete a location?

Can you delete a location?

You can't delete the Primary Location or any location you've created that has been used in a transaction. You can delete a location that hasn't been used in a transaction.

If you no longer require a location, but you can't delete it, mark it as Inactive. The location will no longer appear in selection lists.