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The following improvements have also been included in the new AccountRight.


Change which AccountRight product you use

Change which AccountRight product you use

Your software is now able to open company files for any product in the AccountRight range. For example, you can open a sample company file of AccountRight Plus, even if you only have a licence for AccountRight Standard.

The advantage of this is that you can:

  • easily upgrade your company file to be used with a higher product, without performing a separate product installation (charges apply)
  • explore the higher product before you purchase it.

Although you can explore any product level with your software, you can only upgrade files to a higher product level (for example, from AccountRight Basics to AccountRight Plus, or AccountRight Standard to AccountRight Premier).

To explore a different product

If you want, you can explore the features of another product using the library of sample company files.

  • Start your AccountRight software and, in the welcome window that appears, click Explore a sample company. In the Library Browser window, open the Samples folder to display a list of sample company files for different AccountRight products. Choose the file that matches the product you want and click Open.

Downgrading not available

Once an AccountRight v19 company file has been upgraded to the new AccountRight, it can't be downgraded. Pre-upgraded company files can still be opened in AccountRight v19.

Transaction journals simplified

Transaction journals simplified

Previously, when you viewed taxable transactions in the Transaction Journal or Recap Transaction windows, two trade debtors or trade creditors entries were displayed: one for the tax-exclusive sale or purchase amount, and one for the tax component.

Now, only one trade debtors or trade creditors entry will be displayed, for the whole amount, including tax.

Note that this only applies to transactions created in this version of AccountRight, not those recorded in a previous version.

Microsoft Office integration

Microsoft Office integration

Emailing in batches has been simplified. You can now email forms (such as invoices and statements) in batches without needing to confirm each email.

Also, the way you save reports in an Microsoft Excel format has changed. You now need Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to save files in an Excel format.

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