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AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

Set up payroll

Set up your payroll the right way and it'll make life a lot easier. Speaking of making things easier, have you heard about the ATO's reporting changes? See About Single Touch Payroll reporting.

Setting up your payroll includes reviewing and setting up payroll categories. They're used to calculate normal hours, overtime, PAYG, super, and so on.

Maybe you'd like to personalise your employees' pay slips to change what's displayed or to add your business logo.

Set up Pay Superannuation to make super payments directly from AccountRight, meet your employee super obligations in a flash and always stay on top of government changes, including SuperStream. The best bit? It's included with your AccountRight subscription.



Set up employees

You need to add employee details for every employee you’ll pay using AccountRight.

It's in the employee card where you enter details like their address, email and other contact details.

You can also enter their employee payroll information, such as whether they are full or part time, the name of their superannuation fund and their tax details, or their pay history (if you started processing payroll part-way through the year).

Pay your team

Time to start a pay run to enter your employees’ hours worked, annual leave taken and any other details, such as bonuses or commission.

Then print or email pay slips for your employees and pay your employees electronically.

Have an employee that's leaving? You need to process a termination payment that will calculate the right amount owed to them.

Pay super and PAYG

Every month or quarter, you need to pay the PAYG income tax instalments you've withheld to the ATO. The amount you owe is automatically calculated for you when recording your employee pays.

Every quarter, you'll also need to pay superannuation payments to your employees’ funds. Our superannuation features make this a breeze.

Are you required to pay payroll tax? You can run a report to display the payroll tax due.

End of payroll year

We've made the end of payroll year easier, but there are still some things you might need to do, like enter all pays up to June 30, check your YTD amounts and finalise your Single Touch payroll information.