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AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

You must be reporting to the ATO via STP Phase 2

If you haven't already, you need to move to STP Phase 2 to stay compliant with the ATO. But we have you covered – see how easy it is to move.

Once you've set up your payroll (including setting up Single Touch Payroll reporting), the Process Payroll Assistant guides you through the process of recording your employees’ pays. After each pay run, you'll be prompted to send your payroll information to the ATO.

Click an image below to learn how to use the assistant to:

Before you begin

Have this information handy:

  • hours worked by hourly employees
  • annual leave and personal leave hours taken
  • details of any other wage amounts, such as sales commissions and bonuses.

If you run out of time before finishing a pay run, just click the Close button in the Process Payroll Assistant and you'll have the option of saving the pay run. Then next time you open the Process Payroll Assistant, you'll be asked if you want to continue with the saved pay or start a new pay run.

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