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Not available in AccountRight Basics

You can track the expenses you incur while working on a job and then invoice the customer to get reimbursed for those expenses.

To get reimbursed for an expense, you need to do the following:

1Set up a job and choose to track reimbursable expensesSet up a job
2Assign the expenses to the job when recording themAssign expenses to the job
3Add the reimbursable expenses to the invoice when billing the customerBill the customer


You have created job 01 for Edgar Reuss. During the course of working on job 01, you incur expenses that you want to have reimbursed by the customer when you bill him.

When you enter the expenses using the Spend Money window, assign the line items to job 01. The line items are then automatically marked for reimbursement by Edgar Reuss.

Then, when you enter a sale for Edgar Reuss, you can view a list of the reimbursable expenses and add them to his invoice.

Need to reimburse an employee? See Employee reimbursements.