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Produce reports

When you display a report , you can easily modify the format, content and appearance to show what you need.

You can then print or email the report. You can also export reports so they can be viewed and edited in other programs.

Hot tip…  If you store your company file online, you can invite others to access your company file so they can prepare the reports they need.  For example, your accountant could access your company file and view reports without you having to email them.

example profit and loss statement

Manage your business

When you want to get a broader overview of your business, AccountRight has some handy business reports. Try generating a balance sheet of your assets, liabilities and equity accounts or getting a summary of your business performance using a profit & loss report. You can also get a list of all your accounts and contacts, display totals for your GST, and more. 

Drill further into how your money is behaving by using banking reports. These can cover things such as the results of your bank reconciliations or an account's transactions sorted by different filters.

Each area of AccountRight has its own set of reports. Whether it's your accounts, sales, inventory or GST/Tax obligations, you have access to all the data you'll need to manage your business.

Customise reports

There are many reports that can help you monitor your business. If the default reports don't meet your needs, customise them to show the information and appearance you want.

You can:

When you save the customised report it'll be added to your reports list, so you can use it later.

Reports window

Report groups

In the Index to Reports window, reports are arranged into the following tabs. Take a look at the reports you can produce:

Not sure which reports to run? Check out our frequently used reports.