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There are several tools you can use to review your contact information.

To Do ListThe Contact Alert tab in the To Do List displays contact log entries with recontact dates on or before the current date.below
Card reportsCard reports give you lists of contact information in several formats.below
Find TransactionsFind Transactions helps you quickly find all transactions for a contact.Finding a transaction
To view contact alerts

To view contact alerts

  1. Click To Do List in any command centre. The To Do List window appears.
  2. Click the Contact Alert tab. A list of all individuals and businesses you need to contact appears.

    Reminders that fall on a closed day

    If the recontact date falls on a day that you have indicated as being closed in the Business Calendar (accessible from the Setup menu), the reminder will appear on the business day prior to the recontact date.

    The Overdue column shows how many days have elapsed since the recontact date you specified on the contact log entry.
    To clear a reminder from the list, click in the select column next to the contact log entry and then click Remove.

To print card reports

To print card reports

  1. Go to the Reports menu and choose Index to Reports. The Index to Reports window appears.
  2. Click the Card tab and click a report group. The list of card reports appears.
  3. Display or print the report that is appropriate to your needs.
    Following is a list of the default information displayed in each report. If required, you can customise the reports to display more or less detail (for information on how to customise a report, see Customising reports).

    Card List SummaryA list of your contacts with their phone numbers, current balances and identifiers.
    Card List DetailA list of some of the information contained in your contacts’ cards, including Address 1 and Address 2.
    Address ListThe contact name, address and phone number entered for Address 1 in each card.
    Card TransactionsA list of the transactions that have been allocated to your contacts for a selected period.
    Contact LogA list of contact log entry details. The total of the elapsed time recorded in the log entries is displayed for each contact.
    IdentifiersA list of the identifier codes and their descriptions.
    GIS Card FileA list of contact information that you can import into a geographic information system (GIS) to analyse the location of your contacts.
    To Do List – Overdue ContactsA list of contact log entries with recontact dates that are dated on or before the day you specify in the report filter.