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Not available in AccountRight Basics

You can use the purchases features to:

  • record quotes, orders and bills
  • view your purchase history
  • see what you owe your suppliers.
Do you need to do this task? If you want to record the orders and purchases you make with suppliers and track the amounts you owe, you need to set up the purchases features.

You can use the Purchases Easy Setup Assistant to enter your supplier details and set your default settings. To access the Purchases Easy Setup Assistant, go to the Setup menu, choose Easy Setup Assistant and then click Purchases.

Using the Purchases Easy Setup Assistant you can enter the following details:

  • Supplier details Create a card record for each of your suppliers and enter details such as their addresses and phone numbers.
  • Historical (pre-conversion) purchases If you had outstanding bills to pay on the first day of your conversion month, you will need to record their details, such as outstanding bill amounts and the credit terms. Later, you'll be able to record payments against these bills.

You can also choose:

  • the payment method you normally use to pay bills
  • your preferred purchase order layout 
  • settings that will help you record purchases faster. These settings will automatically apply to cards you create for your suppliers; however, you can change them as required.

Optional purchases setup tasks

In addition to the Purchases Easy Setup Assistant tasks, you may also want to do the following tasks if they are relevant to your business.

Task See
Customise formsChange the appearance of the default purchase orders, remittance advices, and other forms.Personalising forms
Import cards

Import supplier information from:

  • another company file
  • another accounting system
  • a spreadsheet
  • a text file.
Importing data
Synchronise supplier records with OutlookSynchronise your supplier card records with your contact records in Microsoft Outlook.Synchronising cards with Microsoft Outlook
Group cardsUse identifiers and custom lists to group the cards of suppliers who have similar attributes.Grouping your contacts
Enter pre-conversion depositsIf you've paid deposits to suppliers prior to staring your new company file.Entering pre-conversion deposits
Store your supplier bills onlineYou can store the bills you receive from your suppliers online, with your accounts. Just add them to your In Tray!Working with In Tray documents