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You can use the sales features to:

  • prepare sales quotes, orders (Not Basics), and invoices
  • generate statements
  • view customer sales history
  • see how much your customers owe you.

You can use the Sales Easy Setup Assistant to get up and going. To access the Sales Easy Setup Assistant, go to the Setup menu, choose Easy Setup Assistant and then click Sales.

In the Sales Easy Setup Assistant you can enter the following details:

  • Default credit terms and credit limits Enter the credit terms and credit limits you generally extend to your customers.
  • Customer details Create a record for each of your customers and enter details such as their addresses and phone numbers.
  • Historical (pre-conversion) sales If customers owed you money on the first day of your conversion month, you will need to record some details about the outstanding sales, such as the invoice date and the amount owed to you. That way you can record the customer payments against these sales when the payments are made.

You can also choose:

  • your preferred invoice layout
  • the income account you will allocate most of your sales to
  • settings will automatically be selected for records you create for your customers; however, you can change them as required.

Optional sales setup tasks

In addition to the Sales Easy Setup Assistant tasks, you may also want to do the following tasks if they are relevant to your business.

Task See
Customise invoicesChange the appearance of the default invoice and statement forms.Personalising invoices
Set the default formAfter customising your invoice, set it as the default form to use when emailing and printing.Set the default forms to use when emailing or printing
Set up other sales preferencesSet other sales preferences like automatically printing invoices and packing slips (Setup menu > Preferences > Sales tab)Set up preferences
Import cards

Import customer information from:

  • another company file
  • another accounting system
  • a spreadsheet
  • a text file.
Importing data
Synchronise customer records with OutlookSynchronise your customer records with your contact records in Microsoft Outlook.Synchronising cards with Microsoft Outlook
Create job recordsCreate job records to track the progress and profitability of the work you do for your clients.Jobs
Group cardsUse identifiers and custom lists to group the cards of customers who have similar attributes.Grouping your contacts
Enter pre-conversion depositsIf you have deposits which were paid by customers prior to staring your new company file.Entering pre-conversion deposits
Set up online payments to get paid online(Australia only) Let your customers pay you online using a credit card. The payment details enter your company file automaticallyOnline invoice payments
Install MYOB Invoices for mobile invoicingAvailable for Android and iOS devices, MYOB Invoices lets you record and email invoices from your phone or tablet.Using the MYOB Invoice app
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