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You can start recording transactions right away, but it's a good idea to review the setup of the functional areas you're going to use, and to enter some historical information.

Want your accountant or bookkeeper to finish setting up your company file for you? Invite them to access your file.

Use the Easy Setup Assistant to get started

AccountRight has an Easy Setup Assistant that can help you get set up (the options available will depend on the product you're using).

Open the assistant from the Setup menu.

Here's a summary of what you can do in the Easy Setup Assistant:

In this sectionYou can set upLearn more
  • system preferences
  • data entry options
  • contact log settings
  • ageing options
  • To Do list

Set up preferences
The contact log
Monthly ageing of invoices
See what's on your To Do list
Set up user access

  • accounts list (add, delete, rename accounts)
  • opening balances (as at your conversion date)

Set up accounts
Enter account opening balances
About accounts

  • your preferred sale layout (eg. item, service)
  • default tax/GST codes
  • credit terms
  • cards for your customers
  • historical sales (details of outstanding invoices as at your conversion date)

Set up sales
Sales and purchases information
Entering pre-conversion deposits
Enter historical information
Credit terms
Add a customer
Setting up tax codes (Australia)
Setting up GST codes (New Zealand)
Set up inventory items

  • your preferred purchase layout (eg. item, service)
  • default tax/GST codes
  • default credit terms to use for purchases you make
  • cards for your suppliers
  • historical purchases (details of outstanding bills you still had to pay as at your conversion date)

Set up purchases
Sales and purchases information  
Add a supplier
Enter historical information
Setting up tax codes (Australia)
Setting up GST codes (New Zealand)

  • general payroll information, such as hours worked per week
  • the accounts to use for wages paid, and the bank account that payments will come out of
  • the payroll categories you need for your business, like base salary, holiday pay, and overtime
  • cards for your employees, where you can enter their payroll details and historical information, like entitlement balances
  • timesheet preferences.

Set up payroll
What are linked accounts?
Payroll categories
Add an employee
Enter employee payroll information
Enter historical information 

Other things you can set up

There are a few other things you might want to set up now that the Easy Setup Assistant doesn't cover, like: