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Who doesn't like receiving a discount?

The credit terms you set in AccountRight control any discounts that are offered by your suppliers. Default terms can be set for all new suppliers, or specific terms can be set for individual suppliers. You can override these terms when recording a bill or making a payment.

Discounts on bills

When you enter a bill and select a supplier, any discount terms can be viewed by clicking the Terms arrow.

Bill with terms arrow highlighted and credit terms displayed

Changing the terms here will only change it for this bill. If you need to change the supplier's default credit terms, change it in their supplier card.

If entering a bill using Item layout, you can apply a discount percentage in the Disc% column. This overrides the supplier's default credit terms and reduces the amount payable on the bill.

Bill with discount percentage highlighted

If you're entering a bill using Service layout, enter a separate discount line with a negative amount.

Payment discounts

When you pay a bill in full, any discounts based on the supplier credit terms will be automatically applied. This amount can be manually entered or changed when recording a payment.

Pay Bills window with discount applied to a payment

Note that if you make a part payment on a bill, the discount amount will appear in the Discount column. But the discount won't be applied until the bill is paid in full.