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To see why you should work on your AccountRight file in a browser, try these browser-only features.

Automatic ABN validation

Supplier and customer ABNs are automatically checked when you enter sales, purchases or banking transactions, saving you from having to look up their ABN and helping you to stay GST-compliant.

You're alerted about invalid or missing ABN's and you're able to see company information.


More powerful bank transaction matching

In the browser, working with bank transactions is a breeze.

Dealing with bank transactions that don't have a match is easier in the browser. When there isn't a matching transaction in MYOB, you don't have to think about what type of transaction to create, just allocate the transaction to an account and MYOB does the rest.

And when you're on the Bank transactions page, just click Ctrl + / to see a set of keyboard shortcuts (click the animation to expand it).

In Tray is much easier to use in the browser!

When you create a transaction from an In Tray document in the browser, it appears by default in split view on the same page, making it way easier to compare the document to the transaction.

By contrast, when you work in the AccountRight desktop the document appears as a thumbnail in the transaction window and can only be expanded in a separate browser tab.

Once you work with In Tray in the browser, you won't want to go back to doing it the old way!

If you're using eInvoicing, you can also use the In Tray to receive eInvoices from your suppliers.

Easier accounts setup and editing

Setting up or editing your chart of accounts is a lot easier when you work in the browser. This is because you've got the ability to edit or delete multiple accounts at the same time.

You can add, edit and delete accounts on the one page and add opening balances without having to open each individual account as you would have to do in the desktop.

There's lots more reasons to stay in the browser

While you can easily switch back and forth between the browser and your AccountRight desktop, there's good reasons to stay in the browser:

  • You can now access your file anywhere – even on a Mac or your smartphone
  • Use the Create new shortcutto add invoices, quotes, bank transactions and contacts without having to navigate menus.
  • Get help in your product without having to leave it
  • Browser-only functionality such as quantities for banking, sales and purchases
  • Take advantage of powerful new reporting, such as consolidated reporting and report packs

We're continually adding new functionality as well.

It's an exciting new development for your MYOB and we think the more you explore working in a browser the more you'll love it.