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You can use keyboard shortcuts instead of your mouse to open windows, select buttons, menus and other options in AccountRight.

Use the Alt key

To select a button, menu or option while viewing a specific window, press the Alt key and then the shortcut letter that's assigned to the object you want to select. For example, when you press Alt in the Sales window, the Record button label will show the letter o underlined. This means that if you press Alt and the letter o (Alt+o) the sale will be recorded. Note that the Alt key shortcuts vary across command centres. For example, Alt+u in the Payroll command centre will open the Payment Summary Assistant. But Alt+u on the Purchases command centre will open the New Purchase window.

Let's see how you can use the Alt key (click the animation to expand it):

Using Alt keyboard shortcuts

Use the Ctrl key

You can open windows, select menu options and access Windows features using the Ctrl key and a shortcut letter. Unlike the Alt key which relates to shortcuts on the window you're viewing, the Ctrl key is for shortcuts that work from any window.

We've listed the more common shortcut key combinations in the table below.

Here's a shortcut you can use when searching for something in a list (such as in the Reconcile Accounts window). Click in the list and then press Ctrl+Shift+F. Type your search term in the search field that appears, and the list will show the rows that have matching text.

MenuCommandShortcut keys
FileNew (Company File)CTRL+N
Close WindowESC
Select AllCTRL+A
Select from ListCTRL+L
Recap TransactionCTRL+R
Insert Blank LineCTRL+SHIFT+L
Insert Transaction LineCTRL+SHIFT+I
Insert HeaderCTRL+SHIFT+R
Insert SubtotalCTRL+SHIFT+S
Command Centres (All)To Do ListCTRL+T
Command Centres (All)Find TransactionsCTRL+Y
Command Centres > AccountsCommand CentreCTRL+1
Record Journal EntryCTRL+G
Command Centres > BankingCommand CentreCTRL+2
Bank RegisterCTRL+K
Spend MoneyCTRL+H
Receive MoneyCTRL+D
Command Centres > SalesCommand CentreCTRL+3
Enter InvoicesCTRL+J
Receive PaymentsCTRL+B
Command Centres > Time Billing
(Plus, Premier)
Command CentreCTRL+4
Command Centres > Purchases
(Not Basics)
Command CentreCTRL+5
Enter PurchasesCTRL+E
Pay BillsCTRL+ M
Command Centres > Payroll
(Australia Plus and Premier only)
Command CentreCTRL+6
Command Centres > Inventory
(Not Basics)
Command CentreCTRL+7
Command Centres > Card FileCommand CentreCTRL+8
ListsCards ListCTRL+F
ReportsIndex to ReportsCTRL+I
WindowRefresh AllF5
HelpAccountRight HelpF1
We also support the following shortcut key combinations:
 Close WindowCTRL+F4
Next WindowCTRL+F6 or  CTRL+TAB
Cycle TaskALT+TAB or  ALT+ESC
Record transactionALT+O