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Previously there were some AccountRight Premier v19 features that weren't yet available in the new AccountRight. But the new AccountRight now has all of the features available in classic AccountRight Premier—and a whole lot more. If you use multi-currency, there are some things you should know about upgrading your file.

Also, upgrading to the new AccountRight and putting your company file online means you can also access your file from an internet web browser.

Using AccountRight Enterprise?

Multiple inventory locations is now available in the latest AccountRight Premier versions. Just make sure inventory quantities or values in a location aren't negative.

If you use negative inventory, this isn't supported in the latest version of AccountRight—inventory items can't have a negative quantity or value. But if you adjust your inventory quantities and values to zero or greater (in each location, if you use multiple inventory locations), you can turn off negative inventory and it won't prevent you from upgrading.

If you need to continue using negative inventory, give us a call to discuss your options (Australia 1300 793 130, or New Zealand 0800 60 69 62).

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