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Here you'll configure the ledger that you want to use as the client's financial data source. The data source links Client Accounting with the client's general ledger data.

You'll know if a financial data source hasn't been configured for a client by message on the Client Accounting > Trial Balance/Workpapers tab:

To configure a ledger

  1. In AE/AO, open a client and go to the Client Accounting > Trial Balance/Workpapers) tab.
  2. On the TASKS bar, click Edit Configuration Details. The Client Configuration window appears.

  3. From the Product drop-down, select MAS, Accounts or AO Classic GL.

  4. Click the Data connection details field ellipsis (ellipses), select a MAS, Accounts or AO Classic general ledger to configure.

    You can search for a MAS, Accounts or AO Classic general ledger by entering the ledger code or, part of the ledger name.

  5. Click OK and click OK again. The ledger is configured and the ledger details are displayed in the right-hand pane of the Trial Balance/Workpapers tab.