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Review your data to make sure your opening balances for the year are the same as your client's. Reviewing has three tasks:

  1. Configure the ledger
    Link your client's MYOB AccountRight or MYOB Business/Essentials ledger with Client Accounting.
  2. Align opening balances
    Compare the balances in your MAS, Accounts or AO Classic general ledger against the balances in your client's AccountRight or Essentials file. If there are any variances, post a journal so that their balances are aligned with yours before you begin work on their file.
  3. Set balance forward accounts
    Set up accounts to automatically transfer balances from one balance sheet account to another account at the beginning of a year. For example, your trust beneficiary or inventory accounts.

Is your client a Trust or Partnership?

Before you begin, make sure their chart of accounts is set up to report correctly in Statutory Reporter. This needs to be done in the AccountRight or MYOB Business/Essentials ledger, so we recommend doing this first.