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The Workpapers homepage allows you to view all the workpapers that are ‘In Progress’ for your clients. To do this, click the Workpapers icon on the toolbar. For details see Workpapers homepage.

Alternatively for each client, Workpapers is accessed from the Client pageClient Accounting > Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab. You can create or access existing workpaper periods for the selected client.

To access Workpapers for one client
  1. Click . The Find Clients page opens.
  2. Enter search criteria in the Search for field. The search criteria can be based on Name and Code, Tax File Number or ABN. Click the appropriate search criteria option and type in the details. Alternatively, if you can navigate easily to the client, double-click on the client entry. Proceed to Step 5.
  3. Click Search or press [Enter]. The search results are displayed.
  4. Double-click the client entry. The Client page opens.

  5. Click the Client Accounting tab.

  6. Click the Trial Balance tab (called the Workpapers tab if you are licensed for Workpapers).