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This window defines the locations of accounting products, and also lets you enable Ledger and Assets in Client Accounting.

In order to open a client’s company file in AccountRight 19 or earlier, Client Accounting must use the accounting application — that is, the AccountRight range of products — that corresponds to the selected client’s company file. If these products are not installed in the default locations, then the Accounting Product locations must be manually configured in this window.

If the software is unable to find the accounting product a warning is displayed. Browse to and select the program file of the accounting application.

If you are enabling Ledger and Assets in Client Accounting, you can click the Enable AE/AO Ledger and Assets button. This is an alternative to running scripts to enable these modules.

Configuring the accounting product location
  1. Select Maintenance > Maintenance Map (AO) > Client Accounting > Client Accounting settings. The Client Accounting settings window opens.
  2. If you are enabling Ledger and Assets in Client Accounting, click Enable AE/AO Ledger and Assets. A message displays afterwards showing which components have been enabled. This button is available to super users by default.

    This function does not enable migration. Contact MYOB Support for assistance in enabling migration.

  3. For each accounting product to be used, click the ellipse button and navigate to the location of the accounting product program file. The program file is named either Myob.exe or Myobp.exe.
  4. Click Open to select the file.
  5. Click OK in the Client Account settings window to save your changes.