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Check out our Assets workflow! We'll walk you through how to set up your assets register, and teach you the basics of managing an assets register in Assets.

The Assets tab in Client Accounting allows you to keep track of your client's fixed assets in an Assets register. It's a desktop application that stores and accesses data in the cloud.

You can use the Assets Live module on its own or integrated with Workpapers. Journals from the assets register post to the Workpaper period, which are then post to your configured general ledger.

How it works

For each client, you'll have one active asset register, but multiple open asset years. This means that when adding an asset into the register, the item appears in all later years until disposed.

This is great for future tax planning as you can calculate the for an asset for two years in advance.

All you need to access Assets is an active internet connection and an MYOB login.

Key Features

 FunctionAssetsAE Assets
Fixed Assets
Integrated with Workpapers

Supports multiple open years

Periodic asset reporting


Calculate private use

Low value / Small Business pooling (AU only)

Separate reports for Accounting and Taxation depreciation

Sell assets

Part-sell assets



Create sub-assets 


Record additional expenditure (Second element costs) and incidental costs 


Impairment Loss 

Balancing Adjustment Offset 

Calculate Profit/Loss and Capital Gain on sale

Can be used with AccountRight / Essentials ledgers