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Before you start to use Workpapers, it is important to configure it correctly for use. To configure Workpapers:

  • Decide how to organise and manage the data associated with preparing workpapers for each client. See Organising and managing your data.

  • Configure a financial data source for each client for which workpapers are being generated.

    As part of the client configuration, record a location for the client’s company file on your system. During the Workpapers task, the client’s general ledger data is imported from this file. When the client sends through a new company file, it is this file on your system that must be updated and replaced.

    A warning message is displayed on the Client Accounting > Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab if a financial data source is not configured for the client. Use the Configure a financial data source hyperlink or click Edit Configuration Details on the Tasks bar to configure the client. See Configuring a ledger.

  • Configure the Accounting Product locations for the client’s associated accounting application if these products are not installed in the default locations.

    In order to open the client’s company file in AccountRight, Accountants Division needs to use the accounting application — AccountRight range of products — that corresponds to the selected client’s company file. The accounting product locations must be manually configured if these products are not installed in the default locations. See Preparing your practice for Client Accounting.