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MYOB provides default paragraph content for reports and financial statements. You can modify the content and format of these paragraphs to define the default paragraphs for the practice or for a specific client.

Static text is displayed on the report as it is entered when editing the paragraph content. Use the formatting tools to change the text style, indent and to spell check the text.

To edit static text
  1. Access the practice or client’s paragraphs. See Accessing practice paragraphs or Accessing client paragraphs.
  2. Find the paragraph to be edited.
  3. Click to select it.
  4. Click Edit Paragraph. The Edit Paragraph Content window opens.
  5. Edit the text as required in the Paragraph Content text area.Text can be inserted, edited or deleted. The text is displayed on the report as it is entered here. See Inserting and editing variables.
    Use the formatting tools to format and check the text. See Formatting paragraphs.
  6. Click OK to save the changes.