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If Tax is installed, you can export your ledger data to Tax and map the information to the Tax Return.

Before you begin...

To import your Client Accounting data into Tax:

  • your client must have an existing tax return in the current tax year.
  • your client's tax return is a Company, Individual, Partnership or Trust return
  • the status of the return is "In Progress”

To populate Tax Return fields from the online ledger
  1. Create a new Tax workpaper on the ledger for the current year. See Adding workpapers for more information.
    This workpaper must be based on the Tax Form type (Individual, Partner, Company, Trust) to be pre-filled.The workpaper will be automatically populated with some values from the ledger (based on Tax account group). Other fields may also be entered manually.
  2. Once the workpaper is completed (see Completing workpapers) and any reports have been generated (see Printing reports and workpapers), navigate to the Tax homepage by clicking the Tax Button menu.
  3. In the Tasks bar, click Import Ledger Data to import fields from the ledger via the workpaper.
  4. This will run in the background. If any errors are encountered, an error message is displayed and no fields will be updated. Otherwise, the Tax Return will be displayed in a new window.
  5. In the Tax return, manually update any values as necessary.
  6. For more information, see Import Ledger Data in the Tax Online Help. These pages also contain details on which fields will be mapped from Client Accounting to Tax.
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