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We'll be taking you through the basics on how to get started with Client Accounting.

These pages will take you through a workflow, so we recommend choosing an easy client and following along with us.

If you're just looking for a quick answer, you can search the Client Accounting Online Help, here.

If you're just getting started or looking to set up your practice, stay tuned.

But first, we'll tell you all about Client Accounting.

What exactly is Client Accounting?

Client Accounting is a collection of all the tools you need to get all your accounting processing done in one convenient place. Wherever your data comes from, you can create workpapers, post journals, and produce reports with Client Accounting.

Watch the video to get up to speed. You'll learn about why using Client Accounting is a good idea, and how it can cater for your practice no matter what your requirements are.


How does it work?

The Client Accounting workflow is no different to your current workflow.

If this is the first year you're using Client Accounting for your client, you'll need to perform a few set up tasks. Every other year you'll simply roll forward your ledger, add workpapers, post journals, then print your reports.

If your practice hasn't already set up Client Accounting, don't worry - it's easy and we'll walk you through the process step-by-step.

Get started

Want to use Client Accounting?

Client Accounting needs to be set up for your practice.

You'll need to be a practice Administrator to perform these tasks. If that's you, click the button below to:

Enable MYOB Ledger and specify Client Accounting Settings

Set up security and task permissions

Customise your practice's reports


Ready to prepare your accounts?

Once Client Accounting has been set up for your practice, you're ready to prepare your accounts.

Click the button below to:

Choose a ledger and review your opening balances

Substantiate your closing balances

Create a set of financial reports



Need an asset register?

You may not need an asset register for every client, but when you do, you can create a register in Assets online.

Click the button below to:

Create an assets year or move your data across

Set up control accounts and pools (AU)

Post depreciation to workpapers and print asset schedules.