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The value of variable text, that is the text that is displayed on the report, is provided by data recorded within Statutory Reporter.

There are 4 types of paragraph variables. The following table details each variable type and how the variable are displayed in the Paragraph Content text area.


Paragraph variable


Account Group Value

The Account Group value variable displays the sum of val­ues of all accounts which belong to a selected account group.

There are 2 options:

  • this year (TY)

  • last year (LY).

See Account groups and Tax Account Groups.

Format <<AccountGroup>>

Conditional Text

Conditional Text variables enable you to provide alternate wording for a paragraph.

Format ((condition1/condition2))


Use the Date variable to insert the year start, year end for this year (TY) or last year (LY), or current date into the paragraph. There are number of pre-configured date formats from which to select.

Format [(DateType as DateFormat)]

Non-Transaction Data

Non-Transaction Data s to client specific data values that are required for the financial statements but are not derived from account balances in the client ledger.

See Non-transaction data.

Format [[DataCategory.DataField]]