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You can use the “Custom Paragraph - Compilation Report” paragraph, located in the Compilation Report paragraph section, to add a customised logo or additional content into the top margin of this report.

How to add a header logo to the Compilation Report
  1. Access the practice’s paragraphs. See Accessing practice paragraphs for more information.

  2. In the Paragraphs window, select Compilation Report > Custom Paragraph - Compilation Report.

  3. In the paragraph content window, copy and paste your desired logo image.

    Do not drag and drop the image into the window. The logo resolution should be no more than 199 pixels wide and 99 pixels high, and no more than 25 KB in size. Logos greater than 25 KB in size may result in an error when previewing the report. Using a compressed image format, such as JPEG or PNG, is recommended.

  4. Click OK in the paragraph window, and then in Practice Report Settings, click Save Settings to save your changes.

  5. Navigate to a client and click Preview Reports to verify that the logo is displayed correctly.