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For each client account, Link Document is used to link documents which substantiate the calculations in the workpapers. If Document Manager is installed, files are linked to accounts in the period using Document Manager. If Document Manager is not installed, external files can be linked to accounts in the period.

Before linking Document Manager files to the period, the file must be created in or imported into Document Manager.

See Creating new documents with the Create Document wizard and Importing documents in Document Manager for more information.

When linking a Document Manager file to an account or period, a link is created between the account / period and the document which is stored in Document Manager. When using Delete, the link between the account and the document is deleted. The document is no longer linked to the workpaper account/period but is still available in Document Manager.

If a document link is broken, that is, by renaming the document or moving it to a different location, an error message is displayed as the original document cannot be found. You must re-link the document.

You can link a Document Manager file to:

  • an account

  • a period.

You can also link to bookmarks within a PDF Document Manager file.

An Document link icon icon identifies a linked document.