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You can link workpapers to documents or web pages. To be able to add these links, the workpaper needs to have a Document Links table in it.

Linking to documents

If you have Document Manager, you can link a Document Manager file. If you don't have Document Manager, you can link an an external file.

When you link a document in a workpaper, a D1 icon will be displayed next to the name of the document. You can reference an existing linked document anywhere within the workpaper by dragging and dropping the appropriate D1 icon to the required location.

For the D1 icon, the D s to document and the number is sequentially incremented as more documents are linked to a workpaper. If a document is deleted, the document link and icon are removed. When another document is linked to the workpaper the next available number is used for the icon. A deleted icon number is not reused.

You can view the name of the document associated with a D1 icon, by placing your cursor on the icon. A text box pops up with a description of the document link, the name of the document and its location. Move your cursor to a different location and the text box disappears.

If a document link is broken (that is, by renaming the document or moving it to a different location), an error message will be displayed. You must re-link the document.

Linking to web pages

For Document Manager and non-Document Manager users.

Also available if you've linked documents to workpaper templates without using the Document link table in MYOB's standard templates.

In the Document links table at the bottom of the workpaper, you'll find a link  icon. Click the link  icon to open the Insert hyperlink window and complete the details.

In the Insert hyperlink window:

  • The Description needs to be in English text only.
  • In Url, use the full address. For example, if you're using HTTPS, you'd begin with https:// , not www.

When converting the workpaper to PDF using the Create PDF process, you may notice the URLs are included in the Documents not converted to PDF page. That's because the resources referred to by these URLs don't get converted.