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Make your reports instantly recognisable to your clients by personalising your reports to reflect your brand. For example, you may use a specific font or have your company logo on the cover page of your reports.

You can apply report customisations at the practice level, meaning you won't have to reapply them every time you, or anyone in your practice produces a report for any client of that entity type. Practice level customisations are automatically applied to each client you produce reports for.

All practice-wide report customisations are performed from within AE/AO, by following the menu path Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Client Accounting > Practice Report Settings.

What can I change?

As every practice is different, we've put together a collection of topics so you can easily find the task you're looking for.

These topics apply to making changes at a practice-level. This means that any changes made at this level will apply to all clients of the same entity type as the ledger configured in the Practice Report Settings.


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Watch us walk through the personalisation options in this video.