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There are three relationship types that are used to identify the signatories on the declaration report:

  • directors for companies and trusts

  • partners for partnerships

  • trustees for trusts that do not have directors.

Practices that use the Associations feature in MYOB AE/AO to track the relationships between clients and partners, directors and trustees can choose to nominate the association types that represent these three relationships. For those clients with associations configured on the Associated tab, the partners, directors and trustees will automatically be added to the corresponding data category in the client’s non-transaction data.

Non-transaction data preferences relies on the associations created on the Associated tab in MYOB AE/AO. Therefore, the non-transaction data preferences should only be set, if the Associate feature in MYOB AE/AO is used. See information on the Associations feature. 

The non-transaction data preferences are configured on the Practice Report Settings tab.

To access the practice non-transaction data preferences
  1. Select Maintenance > Maintenance Map (AO) > Client Accounting > Practice Report Settings. The Practice Report Settings page opens.
  2. Click Non-Transaction Data on the Tasks bar. The Non-Transaction Data Preferences window opens.
To configure the non-transaction data preferences
  1. Access the practice Non-Transaction Data Preferences window.

  2. For each relationship type, use the relevant drop-down to select the association type that is used in your practice. For example, select the director association type from the Directors drop-down.

  3. Click OK. The Non-Transaction Data Preferences window closes.