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The Preview Reports option is used to check the default report settings that have been configured for each entity type. Using a sample client, the report selections — the reports that will be included — the report order, the account group configuration and the paragraph formats can be checked.

Ensure that the selected sample client has a configured valid financial data source.

To preview the reports
  1. Select Maintenance > Maintenance Map (AO) > Client Accounting > Practice Report Settings. The Practice Report Settings page opens.
  2. Select the Entity Type from the drop-down.
  3. Click Preview Reports. The Select Sample Client window opens.
  4. Click the ellipse button located at the end of the Sample Client field to search for a sample client. The Find Clients window opens.
  5. Find and select the sample client. The selected client’s data is used to populate the preview report.
  6. Click OK. A warning is displayed if the selected client does not have a financial data source configured. A financial data source for the selected client must be configured. You can configure the financial data source for the client by clicking Yes. The Client Configuration window opens. See Configuring a ledger.
    Alternatively, select another client who already has their financial data source configured. You can also select the client and configure their financial data source from the Select Sample Client window by clicking Configure Client.
  7. Click OK. A Generating Report progress bar is displayed. The Report Preview window opens. The displayed default report settings for the selected entity type are used to produce the report.
  8. Close the Report Preview window.