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The following reports can be generated for Taxation assets:

The following reports can be generated for Accounting assets:

For New Zealand, there's also a no pool report.

Reports are available for all asset years included in the asset register irrespective of their status.

In the Full Schedule Report and Tax Schedule Report, you'll see a note about an accelerated rate. This reminder appears in the reports whether or not you're using the accelerated rate.

To apply accelerated depreciation for assets, either:

  • from Assets, click the asset year and click Apply accelerated rate on the Tasks bar, or
  • to use MYOB Practice, from Assets, click View in browser on the Tasks bar and follow the steps in Accelerated depreciation rules.
To access reports
  1. Click Reports on the toolbar.
  2. Click the report that you want to view. The Report Option window appears.
  3. Click OK.
    On the toolbar you can:
    • search for a particular asset
    • print a hard copy of your report
    • save your report to various formats.
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