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The Corporate Compliance Backup and Restore utility lets you automate the process of backing up your database files.

The main features allow you to:

  • Schedule backups to run at any time of the day.

  • Check if a recent backup has been run when Corporate Compliance opens.

  • Take an immediate backup at any time.

  • Perform backups while users are in the system.

  • Specify the number of backups stored at any one time.

  • View the history of files backed up.

  • Restore backups.

The Backup and Restore utility is available from both Server and Client installations. You cannot, however, perform a restore from Client installations.

To open the Corporate Compliance backup and restore utility
  1. Click Start > Programs > MYOB Accountants Office > Corporate Compliance Utilities > Backup. The Corporate Compliance Utilities window opens displaying the Backup and Restore screen.