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From the Corporation Details tab you can change information relating to a company’s registration, such as its corporate key, ASIC agent, company type and class, parent and trustee companies and date of incorporation.

Changes to the names, addresses, the ACN and ABN need to be entered in MYOB AE/AO. The changes then flow through to Corporate Compliance.

How to change corporation details
  1. Select and open the corporation. See Selecting a corporation. The corporation opens at the Details tab. Select Change details from the Task Bar to change any of the following fields:
    • Corporation Name

    • Corporate Key

    • The Practice is the registered agent for this corporation.

    • Type of company

    • Class of company

    • Annual review date

    • Registration date

    • State of registration

    • Country of registration

    • Company status

    • Deregistration date.

  2. Click the Other details tab. You can change the following fields:

    • Forms signatory

    • Chairperson for meetings

    • Parent company

    • Trustee company

    • Financial year end date

    • Current AGM date

    • Quorum for meetings: Director and Member

    • For public companies, select either The company has a constitution or The company will rely entirely on replaceable rules.

    • Partner

    • Notes.

  3. Click OK. The data on the Details tab is updated.

Changing the Class of company field to or from Limited by Guarantee

If you change the Class of company field to or from Limited by Guarantee, the following message will display:

“Changing the company class to or from ‘Limited by Guarantee’ will affect the related Capital and Members data. Continue saving?”

If you are changing the company class to Limited by Guarantee, the Capital screen will be removed because a company of this class cannot issue shares. The structure of the Members screen will also change.

If you are changing the company class from Limited by Guarantee, the Capital screen will be added so that the company can issue shares. The structure of the Members screen will also change.