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The Corporations module is used to:

  • add corporations

  • maintain corporation details

  • delete corporations.

To access this module, click Corporations on the Task Bar.

The Corporations selection list then appears in the main display area.

Corporations in Corporate Compliance consist of both the companies that you do corporate work for, and all other companies that are associated with them. For example, as a member or an auditor. All non-individuals are maintained in the Corporations area.

Corporations that you perform compliance work for are called “managed” companies in Corporate Compliance. Only companies “managed” by your practice can have ASIC forms created for them. “Non-managed” companies are the corporations that are setup to be used as members or auditors.

The main corporations window lists all the companies in the Corporate Compliance database. From here you can select the required company and then select any task from the Task Bar. Or you can select the required company and open it to see all details for the corporation. The details are grouped under the following tabs:

  • Details

  • Addresses

  • Officers

  • Capital

  • Members

  • Shares & Units Held

  • Auditors

  • Name History

  • Address History

  • Holding Company

  • ASIC Forms

  • Documents

  • Charges

  • Positions Held.

This list contains all corporations that have been added to Corporate Compliance. Select Show managed corporations only to display only managed companies.

To include all corporations from MYOB AE / MYOB AO in the list, select  Include all Corporations from AE / Include all Corporations from AO respectively.