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You can delete a Corporation from the Corporations selection list.

To delete a corporation
  1. Click Corporations on the Task bar.

  2. Right-click the corporation you want to delete, then choose Delete corporation from the menu.
    One of the following messages displays:

    "Are you sure you want to delete corporation (name and code) from the database?"This means that the selected company is not linked to another company, and does not have any currently appointed officers or members so it can be deleted. To delete the corporation, click Yes.
    "Cannot delete contact (Corporation name and code) This contact is the ultimate holding company/parent company/trustee company/member company, the auditor for one or more companies."This means that the selected company is linked to another company, so it cannot be deleted. Click OK and the corporation will be retained.
    "(Corporation name and code) has current officer and member details. Are you sure you want to delete this corporation and all associated details from the database?"This message means that the company has a currently appointed officers and/or members. Click Yes to delete the corporation and its associations with other contacts, and all ASIC forms sent and received. The people that are officers, and the people or other companies that are members will not be deleted.