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In addition to the Task Bar, the Corporate Compliance interface includes a display panel which occupies the rest of the screen.

The display panel is comprised of the following:

Selection list

A Selection list contains a list of all records in the Corporations, People and Agents modules. To view more details, double-click the record in the list. The Details tab for each module then displays.

Details tabs

In the Corporations, People and Agents modules, you can double-click a record to display further information in a series of Details tabs.

For example, tabs available in the Corporations module are: Details, Addresses, Officers, Capital, Members, Auditors, Name History, Address History, ASIC Forms and Documents.

To return to the Selection list, click Close.

Right-click menu

Right-click the display panel to open a drop-down menu containing appropriate options.

For example, on the Corporations selection list the right-click options are Open corporation details and Delete corporation.