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MYOB Corporate Compliance is used for ensuring that your corporate clients comply with the Corporations Act 2001. Corporate Compliance does this by producing and lodging all major Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) forms and documents quickly and easily.

Key benefits:

  • Developed using the latest Windows technology.

  • Contains an intuitive interface with a Task Bar (see Task bar) and a display panel (see Display panel).

  • Integrated with MYOB AE, MYOB AO, and other members of the MYOB suite.

  • Compliant with all reporting requirements for ASIC.

  • Produces all major ASIC forms (see Working with ASIC forms) and minutes with ease.

  • Able to electronically lodge major ASIC forms and download data from ASIC (see Requesting agent reports from ASIC).

  • Prompts for ASIC forms to be prepared and lodged in response to changes from MYOB AE and MYOB AO. See Changes from AE/AO.

  • Contains intuitive workflow wizards (see Workflow wizards) to guide you through the process of generating forms and documents.

  • Includes an easy to use backup and restore utility (see Backup and restore).