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With the introduction of CLERP 7 in July 2003, ASIC checks all addresses against Australia Post’s Postal Address Rules. These rules check the street against the suburb and the suburb against the postcode, thereby ensuring the address complies with the Postal Address File (PAF). Addresses in ASIC forms that do not comply with the PAF will be rejected with the validation error:

V444 Australian address failed to pass matching rules for the Postal Address File.

If a form is rejected with this error, and you are sure the address is correct, change your PAF setting to override the ASIC PAF check. This will allow the address to pass ASIC validation.

You can override the PAF check in the following screens and wizards:

  • Corporations > Notify Change of Address wizard

  • Corporations > Addresses

  • People > Notify Change of Name or Address wizard

  • People > Details.