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The Print preview screen displays the selected form, document or report as it would print (see Working with ASIC forms, Tools or Reports). It also allows you to export documents to a range of file formats.

This screen opens when you:

  • Select to preview forms and documents you have generated at the end of a workflow wizard.

  • Select View form or View document from the Task Bar (e.g., in the ASIC Forms and Lodgement modules).

  • Select a report from the Reports menu.

  • Select File > Print preview from the main menu.

Previewing multiple documents

The Print preview screen usually contains multiple documents that you can view by selecting each document in the Preview items list on the Task Bar.

Using the Print preview icons

You can also access the following functions by clicking the icons at the top.

Hover your cursor over an icon to see its name.

  • Arrows to scroll from the first page to the last page of the document.

  • Go to a specific page.

  • Print the displayed document.

  • Refresh the data in the displayed document.

  • Export the displayed document to file, for example, Microsoft Word, PDF or RTF.

  • Zoom in or out.

Publish documents to MYOB Portal

Use the Share It button on any print preview windows to easily transfer forms, reports and documents directly to your portal.