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You can connect to ASIC to receive any forms awaiting collection without having to also send forms.

The following process assumes that you have not selected any forms for sending to ASIC. If you have selected forms to send, follow the instructions in Sending and receiving forms.

How to receive forms from ASIC
  1. Click Lodgement on the Task Bar. The Lodgement screen opens at the Forms Lodgement tab.
  2. Click Send/receive on the Task Bar, or click the Send/Receive button.
  3. A message box asks whether you want to connect only to receive documents from ASIC. To continue, click Yes. To cancel, click No.
  4. The Connecting to ASIC to retrieve reports screen displays while the system checks if any ASIC forms are waiting to be received.
  5. If any ASIC forms are awaiting retrieval, they are downloaded.
  6. Corporate Compliance disconnects from ASIC.
  7. After this process, review: