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Configuring Document Manager for use is only required during the initial implementation of your system. The configuration would normally be completed by your practice administrator with guidance from MYOB. Some areas within the Document Manager Setup Wizard may need to be updated over time to meet the changing requirements of your practice.

Setup Wizard

The Document Manager Setup Wizard enables you to configure the default behaviour and locations for the documents that will be used with Document Manager in your practice.


To configure Document Manager
  1. Select MaintenanceMaintenance Map (AO)Documents > Document Manager Setup. The Document Manager Setup Wizard opens at the Welcome tab. There are 12 other tabs (you may need to click the beside the tabs to display them all).

    Fields which are marked with  are mandatory and you cannot proceed to the next or previous tab until each of these has been completed.

  2. Click Next when you have finished entering details in a tab to move to the next tab.

  3. To move back to the Welcome tab, either:

      • Click the Welcome tab.

      • Click the Back to Welcome page hyperlink located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

  4. To return to a previous tab, either:

      • Click the specific tab.

      • Click the Back button to move to a previous screen in the Document Manager Setup Wizard.

  5. Click Finish to close the window and save all changes.

Details can always be edited at a later stage.

Document Manager Setup tabs

The Document Manager Setup tabs are: